Our Current Projects


COVVHA Emergency Assistance (EA) Program:
EA funds are meant to assist a family in resolving an emergency situation, after the family applies their own resources towards the situation.

A family applying for EA must be without resources to meet an emergency situation, or the situation must require more resources than a family has available to resolve it.

Families who reside in housing that is subsidized by a Federal housing assistance are not eligible for EA payments.

Verification: In addition to any verification requirements needed to document eligibility for Financial Assistance to Needy Families, an EA applicant must provide proof of the emergency and the amount of money needed to resolve it. If the amount of money needed to resolve the emergency situation is more than the maximum EA payment amounts allowed, an applicant must also provide proof that the remaining money needed to resolve the situation can be obtained.

Applicants for EA must be experiencing or threatened by one or more of the following: Homelessness, termination of a utility, lack of heat, lack of hot water, or lack of cooking fuel.


COVVHA Scholarship Program:
In addition to COVVHA’s other new programs, we have decided to give back to those who have supported us over the years by providing our peers, and their children, with scholarships. To start we will be providing three small scholarships; undergraduate, graduate, and books. We will work on growing this program over time in hopes of awarding more scholarships. Since COVVHA’s mission is to help the victims of Agent Orange around the world, preference will be given to those majoring in any of the human studies (biology, genetics, counseling, etc.) for the undergraduate scholarship, and human genetics for the graduate scholarship. The book scholarship is open to any major. A small fee is requested, so that we may grow the scholarship program. For more information, please email COVVHA@gmail.com.

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Wheelchair Ramp Assistance Program:
This program is designed to help Children of Vietnam Veterans and Grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans who are facing mobility issues and need a wheelchair ramp built at their home. This program will help fund new ramp construction for COVVs facing mobility challenges. Local contractors will be hired to build ramps. For more information, please email COVVHA@gmail.com.

Delegation to Vietnam:
COVVHA works with the Vietnamese association of Victims of Agent Orange to plan a trip to Vietnam approximately every two years. Participants spend roughly two to three weeks in Vietnam meeting Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims. Participants also learn about the environmental disaster still found in Vietnam due to Agent Orange. For more information, please email COVVHA@gmail.com.

Genetic Testing Fundraiser:
Epigenetics is the science behind the answers for Agent Orange generational victims. COVVHA is working to donate 30 genetic tests to members to search for common disrupted genes. Tests average $2,500 and the goal is to raise $75,000 for 30 tests. The hope is that the tests will share common results, which can be used to encourage researchers to look at our population in depth. For more information, please email COVVHA@gmail.com.

COVVHA Research Project:
Goal $300,000
COVVHA will partner with a University Research Department to investigate a genetic correlation between Vietnam Era Military Service  and an increase in medical process in the biological children of Vietnam Veterans. In the meanwhile, COVVHA is petitioning organizations that are currently collecting raw genetic data to collaborate, and seeking other organizations that are already doing similar research. For more information please email COVVHA@gmail.com.