Our Commitment

image07Those who have been hurt by Agent Orange Dioxin, but were not in the military have been forgotten. Little to nothing has been done to identify and meet the needs of those left behind. COVVHA is committed to educating others about the lasting negative effects of chemical warfare. COVVHA is committed to help find answers, resources, and ultimately justice for all secondary exposures to military herbicides also known as Agent Orange as well as the other Rainbow Herbicides.



Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance is Taking Action by:

  • Publishing a database of 700+ illnesses afflicting Children of Vietnam Veterans;
  • Creating a private support community for these individuals;
  • Creating a public support community for Veterans and their caretakers for Agent Orange survivors and their wives, widows and partners;
  • Educating the public on the issues affecting these Veterans;
  • Working tirelessly to force the VA to recognize birth defects and illnesses with which Veterans’ offspring are afflicted;
  • Providing a wheelchair ramp to those in need to increase mobility;
  • Potentially preventing homelessness with an Emergency Funds Program;
  • Working to fund independent DNA studies denied to the children by the government;
  • Greeting card outreach program to Vietnam Veterans that otherwise will not receive correspondence during holidays, hospital stays, etc.;
  • Scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans; and
  • Communicating with various industries including media outlets, universities, scientific communities, Veterans’ groups to spread the word about the harm suffered.