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Vietnam offers up lessons as Okinawa confronts dioxin

Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance has been following the contamination issues on Okinawa for several years. It is impressive to see the Okinawan Government move swiftly on this issue as they have learned more information. Our hats are off to Mr. Jon Mitchell who continues to be a true advocate to the people of… Read more »

VA Leads List of Repeat HIPAA Violators

by Charles Ornstein and Annie Waldman ProPublica, Dec. 29, 2015, 4 a.m. Few Consequences For Health Privacy Law’s Repeat Offenders. Short Synopsis: Regulators have logged dozens, even hundreds, of complaints against some health providers for violating federal patient privacy law. Warnings are doled out privately, but sanctions are imposed only rarely. Companies say they take… Read more »

Monsanto Increases Job Cuts as Sales Slump

BY P.J. HUFFSTUTTER AND TOM POLANSEK -Reuters Monsanto Co said a souring farm economy and currency woes will push its 2016 earnings to the lower end of expectations, while a cost-cutting drive will lead the world’s largest seed company to slash more jobs. Low commodity prices also should lead to more consolidation in the agricultural sector,… Read more »

My Secondary Trauma and His PTSD

I’m a mental health professional. In a meeting in D.C. two weeks ago, I did something I witness my patients with PTSD involuntarily do sometimes. It happens when something unexpectedly triggers their trauma anxiety in a counseling session. During the meeting, suddenly, a low flying, large sounding helicopter flew over the building. I didn’t see… Read more »

In Search of Their Fathers: Seeking Redemption in Vietnam

By MIKE IVES DEC. 24, 2015 THE NEW YORK TIMES HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — For nearly half a century, Margot Carlson Delogne had grieved over her father’s death. She battled alcoholism, wore a missing-in-action bracelet and deeply resented the Vietnamese who shot down his plane in 1966. FROM OUR ADVERTISERS Now she stood… Read more »

Business Plans Funeral for Veteran Without Known Family

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- We don’t know much about 74-year-old James Beavers. Only that he served our country during the Vietnam war. For three weeks the coroner’s office worked to find any known relatives. Since no one has stepped up D.O. McComb & Sons will provide funeral services and burial. Beavers died on Nov. 23…. Read more »

Brain Bank Opens To Help Study PTSD In War Veterans

The national brain bank is seeking veterans with PTSD to participate in research about PTSD that affects veterans. Veterans without PTSD are also eligible to participate in the brain bank because it is important to study veterans without PTSD to compare the impact of stress, trauma and PTSD on brain tissue. OKLAHOMA CITY – Post-Traumatic… Read more »

Memorial to Soldiers who Died in Vietnam Scheduled to Return to View

The “Above and Beyond Memorial” is scheduled to be re-installed this winter at the Harold Washington Library Center and will be opened to the public Feb. 20. In addition to checking names, museum staff are adding the names of veterans whose deaths in the war have been confirmed by the Department of Defense. By Annie… Read more »

An Agent Orange Christmas Thailand

‘An Agent Orange Christmas’ Thailand Agent Orange, a powerful herbicide, laced with dioxin, chemically eliminated dense jungle growth for military purposes during the Vietnam War. The elimination of jungle providing enemy concealment was a primary use of Agent Orange. Nations exposed to Agent Orange during the War include Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines,… Read more »