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Vietnam Begins Huge Effort to Identify War Dead

First Published: Nature 529, 135–136 (14 January 2016) Digging foundations for temples or schools, harvesting rice in paddy fields: these are some of the ways that the decaying remains of Vietnam War victims still turn up, 40 years after the conflict ended. Now an effort has begun that will use smart DNA technologies to identify the… Read more »

The Life Long Impact of Agent Orange on Vietnam Veteran’s Children

Among the Ozark woodlands in a rural Arkansas a man best described as an ‘Everyday Hero’ quietly lives. As is common with those who inspire others Josh Kelley is far too humble to apply the title of Hero to himself. Still, he is often seen as a hero by loved ones to complete strangers. It… Read more »

Vietnam offers up lessons as Okinawa confronts dioxin

Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance has been following the contamination issues on Okinawa for several years. It is impressive to see the Okinawan Government move swiftly on this issue as they have learned more information. Our hats are off to Mr. Jon Mitchell who continues to be a true advocate to the people of… Read more »

Big Win For Children Of Vietnam Veterans

agent orange case

COVVHA would like to make a special note in this article this was only possible because of the never ending determination of Mr. Ron Nesler. We are very thankful for your efforts as your willingness to fight has helped the most vulnerable in our community. Our hats are off to you sir. December 28, 2015… Read more »

Agent Orange Awareness

October is Agent Orange Awareness Month. COVVHA wants to honor the many Vietnam Veterans who have passed away from Agent Orange related ailments or who are currently in a battle for their lives. Today we send our love to the family of Aaron James Ausland.  Please remember Mr. Ausland’s  fellow sailors by supporting S. 681 Blue… Read more »

DNA Damage May Play a Role in Gulf War Syndrome

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Unexplained chronic fatigue, muscle pain and problems with thinking are experienced by a quarter of Gulf War veterans, and new research suggests exposure to DNA-damaging chemicals may cause this condition, known as Gulf War Syndrome. Previous studies have suggested that the symptoms stem from a malfunction of mitochondria,… Read more »


H.R. 3423 is currently in the hands if the Subcommittee on Disability Assistance & Memorial Affairs. If the Agent Orange Act of 1991 is allowed to expire, there will be no new ailments added to presumptive exposure list. It is set to expire September 30th, 2015. It’s Monday morning and before I go to work, I… Read more »

Agent Orange – Is There Hope For The Future?

On October 2, 2013, COVVHA President and Co-Founder, Kelly L. Derricks, attended VVA’s national Town Hall Meeting Held at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. The video below is part 2 of Kelly’s Finale Speech on the struggles of Children of Vietnam Veterans Battling Agent Orange. “If we continue to think that the fight against Monsanto… Read more »

Memorial Day & Global March Against Monsanto

Many look forward to Memorial Day every year as one of their favorite holidays on the calendar. It’s a chance to spend time with family, relax, and to look back and reflect at our shared history. On Memorial Day we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country. In the case of Vietnam… Read more »

GMO Research Studies


GMO Study Database Corporate monopolization of science & governments shaping science to politics Public access to scientific information and the scientists’ ability to make the information generally available to the public are both under threat simultaneously as tremendous opportunities are opening up to counter the threat. TheSparc has been created to take full advantage of… Read more »