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Agent Orange Legislative history

Legislative Mandate Set to Expire, Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, Supports H.R. 3423, The Agent Orange Extension Act of 2015 The Agent Orange Act of 1991 is the only legislative pathway to add ailments to the presumptive list of service connected illnesses for Vietnam Veterans. It is set to expire on September 30th, 2015 if the… Read more »

Agent Orange Legislation Set to Expire

Agent Orange Extension Act of 2015 Without your help the legislation will expire on September 30th, 2015. This bill extends for two years the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) presumption of service connection for diseases associated with exposure to certain herbicides, including Agent Orange, with respect to veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam… Read more »

Spina Bifida Health Care Program

Spina Bifida & Agent Orange About 1,300 people have enrolled in a program designed to help sufferers of the spina bifida condition, which has been linked to veterans’ exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Handled on a case-by-base basis, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says it is “looking at better ways to… Read more »

Agent Orange: A Chemical Attack

A Chemical Attack That Killed a Countryside & Scarred a People Posted By Lily Bui on Jul 20, 2015 Mangroves are sturdy trees. Recognizable by their extensive root systems, these trees can thrive in muddy soil, sand, peat, even coral. They tolerate water much saltier than most other plants and survive flooding during severe storms…. Read more »

Agent Orange haunts introduction of GMOs to Vietnam

“Let me just preface this article with the following: GMOs are NOT safe” ~ Kelly L. Derricks COVVHA President & Co-Founder When Vietnam moved economically from communism to capitalism in the 1980s, it enjoyed an agriculture boom that lifted millions from poverty. But today, new trade deals could threaten Vietnamese farmers, who are considering using… Read more »

Agent Orange: Deliberate Malfeasance and Deception By The U.S. Gov’t

“FORGOTTEN – Our Innocent Children Born & Being Born with Deformities – Caused by their fathers’ exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.” A CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF REPORTS AND SCIENTIFIC STUDIES Which Reveals Our Government’s Deliberate Malfeasance and Deception By Richard E Phenneger Agent Orange and Children Latest Chronology by Children Of Vietnam… Read more »

Agent Orange – Is There Hope For The Future?

On October 2, 2013, COVVHA President and Co-Founder, Kelly L. Derricks, attended VVA’s national Town Hall Meeting Held at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. The video below is part 2 of Kelly’s Finale Speech on the struggles of Children of Vietnam Veterans Battling Agent Orange. “If we continue to think that the fight against Monsanto… Read more »

Agent Orange: Camp Carroll Soldier Accepts One Last Mission

Steve House didn’t intend to go to war with the U.S. Army, but the way he sees it, he wasn’t given a choice. “They poked a wounded bear,” he says. House, 55, who lives near Algonac, contends the Army disposed of Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Urox 22, Lindane and other very, very nasty chemicals in… Read more »

PTSD: Inside Stories

PTSD: Inside Stories Mike U.S. ARMY VIETNAM WAR COMBAT VETERAN A hunting trip was the turning point for Mike Mike spent years keeping his combat-related emotions locked inside—yet depression, anger, and stress kept building up. A hunting trip spent reminiscing with fellow Veterans finally prompted him to reach out for help. See how he overcame… Read more »

Agent Orange Media Links

Agent Orange: Terrible Legacy of the Vietnam War – Huffington Post Huffington Post Agent Orange: Terrible Legacy of the Vietnam War Huffington Post Mai Giang Vu was exposed to Agent Orange while … Fri, 01 May 2015 10:13:36 -0700 Mai Giang Vu was exposed to Agent Orange while serving in the Army of South Vietnam… Read more »