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MIT Scientist Exposes Monsanto

Autism Monsanto

We have been stating that the GMO food seeds along with the herbicides (Roundup) used is causing a huge increase Autism, cancers and numerous other diseases like Parkinson’s. Even VA recognizes a connection between Agent Orange TCDD Dioxin and Parkinson’s disease. Roundup’s chemical makeup is similar to Agent Orange (have some of the same chemical… Read more »

Veterans Day T-shirt Sale

Veterans Day sale

Veterans Day 2014 Sale!!! Check out COVVHA’s new t-shirt line here! Now through November 13, 2014 enter coupon code VETERANSDAY14 at checkout for 10% off your order! PLUS, 20% of your purchase goes directly to funding the important work of COVVHA! We Add Up has teamed up with COVVHA (Children of Vietnam Veterans Health… Read more »

Monsanto Corporate Connections Exposed

Monsanto Exposed

Monsanto Corporate Connections Map By Truth Teller ⇒ Apple Products Must Have Flash Players. ⇒Browser Recommendation – Google Chrome. I originally sat on this information for several weeks. Un-sure of how to present it to hundreds of thousands of people, I spent countless hours on the project. It is an amazing piece of work that… Read more »

Former GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs Aren’t Safe

GMO whistle blower

Former Biotech Scientist Speaks Out If you trust one of the most hated companies on the planet, you can go straight to Monsanto’s site and read: An Overview of the Safety and Advantages of GM Foods. Monsanto openly admits “after 30” whole “years of research” that they are convinced GMOs are safe. Just one type… Read more »

Veterans Day Freebies & Deals 2014

On Tuesday, November 11th, veterans and active duty military can feel even more appreciated for the sacrifices they’ve made to serve our country with loads of freebies from restaurants and other businesses. Enjoy everything from free meals to a free car wash. Make sure to bring valid proof of service as most places will request… Read more »

BPA’s & Beyond – Toxins Your Food Is Packaged In


If you’ve kept yourself somewhat informed, you know that BPA-laced food packaging is to be avoided. But what about the other main toxic chemicals that your food is being packaged in? This article lists list the dangers beyond BPA. According to a study published last July, food packaging in the U.S. contains 154 chemicals that… Read more »

Roundup Linked to Increased Cancer – Again

monsanto roundup cancer

Roundup Linked to Cancer – Again Roundup kills plants, causes birth defects in vertebrates, and is linked to cancer. Can a living planet withstand the continuous assault from this poison any more than the human body can withstand the attack from an aggressive cancer? Monsanto makes seeds for soy, corn, canola, cotton, alfalfa and sugar… Read more »

Blue Water Navy Agent Orange Lawsuit

agent orange blue water navy

Blue Water Navy Agent Orange Lawsuit We have been notified that Blue Water Navy lawsuit in regards to Agent Orange benefits will take place in December in D.C. The government has moved to dismiss our case based on lack of standing. That means they are questioning whether the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association is… Read more »



*******URGENT CALL TO ACTION**************** The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ignoring more than 60 members of Congress and a half a million citizens, has officially approved a deadly new herbicide, Dow’s Enlist Duo, made from a combination of Monsanto’s Roundup and Dow’s “Agent Orange” 2,4-D. WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED!! We need every person who sees… Read more »

GMO Food Brands List

GMO do not buy list

Do you want to avoid these genetically modified products for your health? Or to fight Monsanto? Hopefully both! Even though we don’t (yet!) have GMO information on our food labels, it is still important to READ the labels!!! Be an informed consumer. And, avoid the following ingredients: 1. Corn. At least half of the US… Read more »